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The hottest trend is AWS Solutions Architect Course. Within the information technology landscape is cloud computing. As a result, cloud computing professionals are in high demand. Amazon Web Services has the lion’s share within the existing cloud services market. So, you’ll find many online searches a day for AWS Solutions Architect Course certification benefits.
The course designed to be an introduction. To cloud computing with Amazon Web Services. It covers the fundamentals of IT infrastructure by explaining AWS Services. And their role in IT architectures. The AWS Solutions Architect Course explores case studies on AWS Cloud. Showcasing reference architectures and strategies. It provides a better understanding of the AWS Solutions Architect Course Associate exam. And provides insight about cloud related careers.

Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding of cloud computing and understand the difference between cloud providers
  • Understanding of AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Familiarity with IT concepts and their practical use cases in the cloud
  • Practical applications of networking concepts in AWS
  • Knowledge about different AWS Services and their use cases
  • Hands-on experience using compute, storage. Networking and database in the AWS Cloud using labs
  • Prove power of elasticity and scalability in the AWS Cloud
  • Identify role of AWS Services in applications and build IT Architectures
  • Securing the architectures and co-relating them with traditional services
  • Understanding of case studies and reference architectures
  • Readiness for the Solutions AWS Solutions Architect Course associate exam. And discussion on ways to tackle the exam
  • Understanding of the various cloud job roles and employment opportunities
 The demand for AWS professionals is high within the present times. So, it’s obvious for aspiring cloud computing personnel to look for reasons. That pursue AWS certifications. The advantages of AWS certifications can help aspiring cloud computing professionals. To learn the hidden opportunities in AWS career.

The Basic Outline of AWS Solutions Architect Course

 Before proceeding towards AWS certification benefits. Allow us to know some basics about AWS! First of all, we should always start with a basic definition of AWS. Amazon Web Services may be a cloud platform that involves a set of quite 100 cloud services. The cloud services help companies in using compute. Security, database, storage, and lots of other resources.
The advantage of AWS solution architect training is that companies. Only need to buy the services that they use. The AWS services help companies to make complete infrastructure. The complete application environments help businesses to run applications. Without the necessity for physical hardware. As a result, companies might be ready to reduce their expenses. Alongside ensuring scalability of operations.

Benefits of Getting an AWS Solutions Architect Course Certification

 Most important of all, AWS follows formidable security measures. For safeguarding, monitoring, and maintenance of its data centers. As a result, AWS is staying at the highest of the list of cloud service providers. So, the primary reason to travel for AWS certifications is that the status of AWS. If you would like to take a position time and efforts in learning about cloud technologies. Then it’s better to settle on the leader.

Why AWS Solutions Architect Course Certification?

As we all skills difficult is to realize the very best position. In a corporation during this competitive world. But it’s possible once you are having extraordinary skills. Like AWS Developer Associate, AWS solution architect, DevOps Master.
While you’re reading reasons to try to do AWS Solutions Architect Course certification. First we’ve to clear the concept and know in short about AWS for beginners, readers and students.

Who are the targeted audience ?

  • Who want to change their career path and want to drive deep into AWS
  • Professional who want to upgrade their skill in AWS
  • update your resume with AWS skills
  • Who want to be an AWS Solutions Architect

The Demand for AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification:

1. Preparing for the longer term

Recent research shows that 83% of enterprise. Workloads would transferred to the cloud by 2020. As we all know, AWS is that the market leader among cloud service providers.

2. New avenues for developing professional expertise

 The next entry among the highest AWS certification. Benefits is that the development of professional expertise. As discussed before, AWS certifications needs tons of study. Practice, and commitment to learning AWS technologies. Furthermore, the concerns of re-certification also imply the necessity for candidates. To remain updated with the newest trends in AWS. So, you’ll need to show your expertise to urge the certification. And also invest efforts in maintaining the certification.

3. Gain an appreciation for your efforts

 Another crucial mention among AWS certification benefits. Relates to the popularity for certified professionals. AWS certified professionals receive digital badges. These digital badges represent your certification achievement. And you’ll use them on social media and email signatures.


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Cloud Computing with AWS

Introduction to AWS Cloud
AWS Global Infrastructure
AWS Services Overview

Cloud Foundations

EC2 Instance Creation
AMI Creation, Purchasing Models, Elastic IPs
Creating EBS Volumes, Snapshots & AMIs

Storage Options in AWS

Implementing Shared Storage with EFS
Storing Objects with S3
Caching Objects with CloudFront
Data Archival with Glacier

Networking with AWS

Creating VPCs. Subnets
Controlling VPC Traffic with Gateways
Connecting Multiple VPCs
VPNs and Direct Connect


Relational Database Service (RDS)
NoSQL & DynamoDB
Scaling with Aurora
OLAP & Redshift
Caching with ElastiCache

High Availability

Create Load Balancers
Monitoring with AWS CloudWatch
Auto Scaling Demonstration
Case Study: AWS Multi-Tier Architecture

Serverless Architectures

Introduction to Lambda
Create APIs using API Gateway
Cognito for External Identities
Case Study: Create a Serverless Application

Well Architected Framework

Pillars of Well Architected Framework
Design Principles & Supporting AWS Services
Automating Infrastructure with Code

AWS Cloud Economics & References

AWS Cost Calculation Tools
AWS Support Options
Design Patterns
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Duration: 36 hours
Lectures: 34
Level: Beginner

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