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About This Course

Are you ready to introduce your child to the captivating world of programming? Python is the perfect starting point! Our course is specially designed to make learning coding a fun and engaging experience for young minds.

“Unlock your child’s creativity with Python Coding for Kids at Coursack! πŸš€ Our interactive online training introduces young minds to the world of programming in a fun and engaging way. πŸŽ“ Let them master Python, the language of the future, while building exciting projects. Enroll now and ignite a lifelong passion for coding in your little ones!”


Unleash Your Child's Coding Skills

πŸ‘‰ Enroll your child now and watch them embark on an unforgettable journey into the world of coding with Python! Get ready to witness their skills soar to new heights! πŸš€πŸŒŸ

Introduce your child to the captivating world of programming?

Β Python is the perfect starting point! Our course is specially designed to make learning coding a fun and engaging experience for young minds.

Why Choose Python Coding for Kids?

With Python's user-friendly syntax and limitless potential, your child will quickly grasp the fundamentals of programming. From creating their own games and stories to solving stimulating challenges, their creativity will soar as they explore the possibilities of this versatile language.

Benefits of Python for Kids

Not only does Python coding empower your child with a valuable skillset, but it also enhances logical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and builds confidence. Plus, with real-world applications in web development, data analysis, and more, Python opens the door to exciting future opportunities.

Our Expert Instructors

Rest assured that your child will be guided by passionate instructors who specialize in teaching young learners. We believe in nurturing each child's unique learning style, ensuring that they progress at their own pace.

Interactive Learning Experience

Gone are the days of boring lectures! Our course offers a dynamic and interactive learning environment where kids can experiment, collaborate, and learn by doing. Immediate feedback and hands-on projects keep them motivated and excited about coding.

Why Coursack?

At Coursack, we are dedicated to providing the best educational experience for your child. Our Python Coding for Kids course is designed to ignite their curiosity, inspire their creativity, and set them on a path of lifelong learning.

Confidence Building

As kids successfully create functioning programs, their confidence in problem-solving and logical thinking improves, boosting self-esteem. Python's structured nature enhances logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, essential skills in various academic subjects.

Unleash your child coding skills in Python

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Python Curriculum

  • Introduction to Python
  • Why Python Popular
  • Python 2 vs Python 3
  • Applications of Python
  • Python Setup
  • Installing Jupyter Notebook
  • Data Types and Variables.
  • Input and Output Operations.
  • Variable name Guidelines.
  • Practice Programs.
  • Print Formatting
  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Assignment Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Identity Operators
  • Introduction Strings
  • String Indexing
  • String Methods
  • String Slicing
  • Practice Programs
  • If - Else Conditions
  • Nested Conditions
  • Practice programs
  • While loop
  • For loop
  • Range operator
  • Practice Programs
  • Functions
  • Introduction to Advanced Data types
  • Lists
  • Tuple
  • Dictionaries
  • Set
  • Frozenset
  • Practice Programs
  • Introduction to OOP's
  • Class and Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Practice Programs
  • Introduction to Modules and Packages
  • import vs from...import
  • Built-in Modules
  • Introduction to Files
  • File Operations
  • File Modes
  • Practice Programs
  • Assessments
  • Quiz
  • Practice Programs

How It Work?

All out bootcamps are designed in such a way that every student gets an equal attention in the class and make sure that everyone has understood the concepts. Will help in mentoring the students in their programming tasks.

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Happy Customers

All our customers are happy for the service we had provided. Check our Google reviews for more reviews.

Malathi Varre

The class was very useful and went over the topics very well. The teacher was able to help the students nicely when they had trouble and explained concepts clearly. My child was able to learn the basics of python easily thanks to this course.

Sai Kiran

Have a wonderful experience in learning the subjects here.. most experienced people nice staff


Mr. Venkata made learning Python fun and interesting for my 9th grade daughter. Hoping that this will kindle and sustain a coding interest in her.

Yashwant Bolishetti

Behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarks grove right at the coast

Moses Seelam

Very reliable and timekeeping. Taught my 16yr old and went out of the way to accommodate adaptive learning. Helped with project and equipped my son with basic programming skills. Much impressed. Would recommend

Frequently Asked Questions


All of our Bootcamp programs are Live Instructor led sessions conducted using the video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet

All our sessions are recorded and shared with the students after the session. If you misses the session we encourage to go through the video recording and we will be able to help you to solve your questions.

Yes. We provide course completion certificate at the end of the program. Based on the performance in the assessment we will the graded.

100% bootcamp fee is returned if you opt out of the program with in first 5 classes. After 5th session no money will be returned.

Learning Objectives

1. You will learn Introduction to Python Programming.
2. Improve your Creativity by coding.
3. Confidence building by writing programs.
4. Improve your Math skills.
5. Improves your Logical thinking.


  • 1. Computer / Laptop with Internet

Target Audience

  • Grades 7 and above
python coding for kids


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Duration 20 hours

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