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Salesforce Admin + Developer Training teaches you how to get the most out of Salesforce, established by its creators. Salesforce is the only platform that lets you easily manage your entire customer relationship with powerful analytics, social collaboration, and marketing automation. Improve your skill set in Salesforce Admin + Developer Training to create powerful applications with the latest Salesforce features.The Salesforce Admin + Developer Training by Coursack provides you with the best knowledge about the custom application development techniques. If you’re looking for Salesforce Developer training, then you’re in the right place! Our course provides a comprehensive set of tools to help you become a Salesforce Developer from scratch. You’ll be able to create your own custom application from scratch and deploy it seamlessly. Join today! The Salesforce Developer Course will teach you the fundamentals of application development with Apex code, Visual force UI framework, and Salesforce Lightning. You will learn the skills to customize applications for your business needs. Salesforce Developer course are designed to be the most in-depth, comprehensive, and actionable Salesforce training in the world. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about Salesforce Development so that you can level. Salesforce Developer Training in Coursack is the answer for you, whether you want to become a Salesforce developer or just know the basics of this software. The course is suitable for beginners and advanced learners.

Skills covered in the training

java programming

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Learning Objectives

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Salesforce Admin Syllabus

  • Introduction to Salesforce CRM.
  • Salesforce CRM Architecture
  • Comparison among Salesforce subscription
  • Register Salesforce Developer Account for Practice.
  • Understand Business Requirement
  • Create custom application using Schema Builder/custom object /using Spreadsheet
  • Design and discuss Salesforce data model
  • Setting up and managing Company Profile.
  • Managing Holidays
  • Company working hours
  • Language Settings
  • Default Currency and local settings(Language and local)
  • Creating new users.
  • Profile Management.
  • Assigning profile to users
  • Managing Security and Sharing in Salesforce
  • Field/ App Level/ Records Level Security implementation
  • Records access settings
  • Control Records sharing using Roles.
  • Setting up new Roles Hierarchy
  • Administrating Standard fields
  • Creating new Custom fields
  • Creating selection Fields: Pick lists and Lookups
  • Creating Formula Fields
  • Working with Page Layouts
  • Setting up Record types 
  • Maintaining data quality
  • Import Wizards
  • Data loader
  • Mass transfer
  • Backing up data
  • Mass delete and the Recycle Bin
  • Create data validation rules for custom objects
  • Data Import /Export Wizard (Within Salesforce)
  • Perform Import /Export / Delete / update process using Data Loader
  • Setting up workflow rules.
  • Lead and case automation.
  • Approval Process automation
  • Running and modifying default reports
  • Creating new reports with the Report Builder(Lightning/ Classic).
  • Working with Report Filters
  • Summarizing with Formulas and Visual Summaries
  • Scheduling reports
  • Building dashboards (Lightning /Classic)
  • Create and Assign profile to new/existing users.
  • Control access to records
  • Implement OWD (Organization Wide Defaults).
  • Configure Sharing Rules (Manual and Automated) for records access security
  • Setup Field Validation rules
  • Configure field history tracking for auditing.
  • Automate Business process using Process builder / Flow
  • Salesforce lightning app builder introduction
  • Configuring dynamic forms and action using lightning app builder
  • Add Components on dynamic forms.

Salesforce Developer Syllabus

  • Overview, including Force.com code in the salesforce.com stack, environment requirements, usage scenarios, the development lifecycle, execution methods, and salesforce.com objects & fields
  • An introduction to object-oriented programming, classes and objects.
  • Overview of Apex Programming
  • Introduction to Dev Console
  • Introduction to VS Code
  • What are Variables and how to declare variables in Apex?
  • Data Types in Apex: Learn about data types and what are the different data types.
  • Primitive Data Type in Salesforce: Data Class in Apex and its methods
  • Primitive Data Type in Apex: Time Class In Salesforce and its methods
  • Primitive Data Type: Datetime Class in Salesforce and its methods
  • String data Type in Apex: String Class and its methods in Apex
  • Operators in Apex
  • Different Types of Operators in Apex
  • Conditional Statements in Apex (If- Else, If-Else-If, Switch Statement)
  • What are Loops in Apex? Different types of Loops in Apex
  • What is an Infinite Loop in Apex? How to avoid infinite loops in apex?
  • Nested for loop in salesforce.
  • Collection (List ,Set and Map)
  • Collections in Salesforce : List, Set and Map
  • List methods in salesforce apex
  • Difference between set() and add() method of List
  • Sorting a list in apex salesforce
  • Set and Map in salesforce
  • Iterate over a set in salesforce: clear() method
  • Map in salesforce with example
  • Adding values to a map in salesforce
  • What is Batch Apex? When to use Batch Apex?
  • Batch Apex implementation and configuration.
  • Apex Scheduler Introduction and Implementation
  • Manipulate Records with DML Methods
  • Manipulate Record with database methods
  • SOQL Queries
  • SOSL Queries
  • Introduction to Lightning component/ Aura Component.
  • Creating Lightning component to perform DML operations in objects.
  • Lightning Component Bundle
    • Create lightning Component
    • Know your lightning bundle
    • Communication between component.
  • Basics of HTML
  • Basics of CSS
  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • String Methods
  • Events
  • Array Methods
  • Modules Import and Export
  • Introduction to LWC Component.
  • Setting Up Developer org
  • Setting Up Salesforce DX Environment
  • Setting Up My Domain and Dev Hub
  • List of Common SFDX Commands
  • Component Folder Structure
  • Different Naming Conventions Available in LWC
  • App Creation and Component Deployment
  • @track properties
  • Getters in LWC
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Improved Conditional Rendering
  • Introduction to lifecycle Hooks
  • Render Method
  • Intro to Components Communication
  • Parent to Child Communication Approaches
  • Parent To Child Communication using primitive Data type
  • Calling Child Method from Parent component
  • Child to Parent Communication Approaches
  • Child to Parent Communication Using Simple Event
  • LWS Services
  • LWC TO AURA Communication using LMS
  • @Wire service and fetch users details
  • getRecord adapter
  • getListUi adapter
  • getRecordUi adapter
  • Introduction
  • Expose Apex Methods to LWC
  • Import Apex Methods
  • Wire Apex Method
  • Wire Apex Methods with Parameters.
  • Call Apex Methods Imperatively
  • Apex Imperative Method with Parameters
  • Write Jest Test Unit to test LWC
  • Introduction
  • What is Salesforce and its architecture?
  • Registering Salesforce Developers Account
  • Introduction to Force.com Platform
  • Why Integration and Benefits for Salesforce Integrations?
  • Different types of API are used in Salesforce Integration.
  • Introduction to force.com SOAP API
  • SOAP API Architecture.
  • Using Salesforce Provided Web services – REST API
  • Introduction to Force.com REST API.
  • REST Integration Architecture
  • Creating REST Methods in Salesforce.
  • HTTP Request and Response classes.
  • How to Generate and use consumer key & consumer secret in REST API callouts.
  • LWC integration with 3rd Party applications

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All of our Training programs are Live Instructor led sessions conducted using the video conferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet or any other meeting tool. 

All our sessions are recorded and shared with the students after the session. If you misses the session we encourage to go through the video recording and we will be able to help you to solve your questions.

Yes. We provide course completion certificate at the end of the program. Based on the performance in the assessment we will the graded.

100% Training fee is returned if you opt out of the training with in first 3 classes. No money will be returned post 3 classes.

We provide materials for Interview preparations, help with resume building and mock interview sessions.

We provide job marketing through partnered consultants for USA candidates who are on EAD, H1B, OPT Visa and GC.

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