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About This Course

This Docker Certification Training Course online course with coursack is your key to mastering the fundamentals of Docker. You’ll learn about Docker Hub, Docker Swarm, Dockerfile, Data Management, Networking capabilities, building containers, and more related concepts! Docker, the technology behind the containers we use today, is revolutionizing the way we think about IT architecture and deployment. Docker is a critical tool for both developers and operations, and this course at Coursack will provide you with the skills needed to use Docker effectively and efficiently. Docker, including container orchestration, scaling docker across multiple nodes in a cluster, and much more.The Docker Certification Training Course makes you a master in this subject that mainly includes Docker installation, container fundamentals, multiple layers within the file system, etc. The Docker ecosystem is expanding at a rapid pace and it’s time that you get up to speed with what the buzz is all about. This online course will teach you everything you need to know and prepare you for the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certification. The Docker ecosystem is expanding at a rapid pace and it’s time that you get up to speed with what the buzz is all about.
Course Features
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Learning Objectives

Understanding of Docker Containerization
Job Ready as a Docker Proffesional


  • Laptop/Desktop required for this training

Target Audience

  • No prior cloud knowledge
  • Minimal programming knowledge
  • Ideal for 1+ years of work experience


76 Lessons36h

Introduction to Docker

What is Docker?
Alternatives to Docker
The evolution of containers and How containers work
Containers and Microservices Architecture

Docker Architecture

Setting up your environment

Docker Basics

Docker Components

Docker Images

Docker runs



Port mapping

Building Images with Container

Working with Dockerfile

Starting and Stopping Containers


Getting terminal access

Docker Hub Repositories

Continuous Integration

Docker Networking

Docker Volume

Docker Compose

Docker Security

Docker Swarm – Introduction

Initialize and Manage Docker Swarm

Docker Troubleshooting – Introduction



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Duration 36 hours
76 lectures

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