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About This Course

React JS Online Course is one of the most well-balanced React JS courses in the market today. The course is the perfect introduction to developing interactive web applications with React JS. React JS is the most popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces that can handle a wide range of complexities, from small data grids and forms to large data sets. React JS is a declarative library, which means that it helps us to describe what the interface should look like and how to change it, not how to make it change. React Training from Coursack teaches you how to build a web app using ReactJS, Facebook’s popular open source JavaScript library for building user interface

React JS Online Training

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Course Features
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Learning Objectives

Learn React JS Library
Learn about REST API's
Learn Developing Web pages
Become Frontend Developer


  • Laptop with Good Internet Connection

Target Audience

  • Both IT and Non-IT freshers/Graduates are eligible
  • Working web developers looking to switch to React JS



what is reactjs, features, advantages

setting up the nodejs, to create the reactjs projects

creating the reactjs first project

understanding the flow of reactjs project

what is component and its types

different types of components: class and functional components

working with assets, static files like html, CSS, images, java scripts in components

what is important props and how to use it

Accessing the props into components or property binding

what is a state object

Difference between the state and props

Working with events, event handlers

Different types of binding: one way and two way property binding

Handling the user inputs from forms

What is routing, creating pages, separating components

Creating routing to all pages

Creating the simple crud operations

What is rest api, and accessing the data from the resource url

What is Material UI, creating the simple program with Material UI

Difference between bootstrap and Material UI

Creating the simple form validation

What is an observable, subscribe

Implementing the concept of observable and subscribe

What is webpack, babel and its usage

What is redux, understanding the flow of redux in react application

Create the simple concept with redux using webpack, babel

What is saga and its use with redux

Creating the simple concept with the combination of redux and saga

What is life cycle hooks and its importance in application

Different types or stages of life cycle hooks

Understanding the 3 phases of life cycle hooks: mounting, update and unmounting

Creating the application with life cycle hooks

Implementing rest ap with life cycle hooks

Implementing life cycle hooks with functional components

Implementing life cycle hooks with class components

What is styled components and creating the simple concept

What is context api and implementation

Creating the application with protected routing

Writing the unit test code to the components

Creating the single page application with React JS

React JS


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Duration 24 hours

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